Chronic pain can either stem from or result in a nervous system that is in a constant state of hyper arousal. This state of hyper arousal and anxiety further intensifies pain and leads to things like systemic inflammation and greater vulnerability to infection and disease. I will teach you practical tools for using your body to engage your parasympathetic nervous system, the part of the nervous system that sends the message to your brain that you are safe and can relax. 

One way to view pain, especially pain with no detectable underlying structural pathology, is as a sign post that the most primitive parts of our brain does not feel safe. We will work together to develop ways of moving your body that will help to calm your nervous system, allowing your muscles to relax and reducing your pain. 

Diet, sleep, movement, and the other ways we care for our bodies all greatly impact our central nervous systems. For example, skipping meals for long periods of time or not getting sufficient rest can all contribute to a heightened state of arousal for our central nervous systems. We will strategize together ways to integrate self-care that feels manageable into your life, caring for your body in ways that will promote an internal sense of safety and bring your nervous system into a more relaxed state.